Getting to Resilient Mode

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Understanding what matters most in business

The result of an eventful life lived in the relentless pursuit of making an impact, Tariq Chauhan’s new book, Getting to Resilient Mode is told in Tariq’s approachable, self-effacing style that invites readers to be honest about their own experiences without negativity or self-judgement.

A serial entrepreneur, globe-trotting CEO, and unwavering family man, Getting to Resilient Mode sources its learnings from Tariq’s biggest mistakes and mightiest triumphs, importantly finding lessons of resilience in his lowest moments. The result is a vision of an empathetic leader whose primary motivation isn’t to drive results to the bottom line, but make a real impact both in the world and in the lives of their people.

After laying the groundwork of what a resilient leader looks like, Tariq fills in the practical gaps with strategies gained from 30+ years in the business world. Culture building, accounting practices and finance, governance and compliance, how to close the divide between cultures when running an international business, and more are brought to life by Tariq’s passion for his work and compassion for his readers.

From the Author’s Desk

Writing a book was never part of my grand plan, nor was it a coincidence or something on my bucket list, after penning over 500 articles and opinion pieces. However, I only reconsidered expanding on those thoughts on leadership articles when I received an invitation from Forbes Books with a personal note from Mr. Steve Forbes, inviting me to write a book.

I do not consider myself a writer or a thinker, nor a leader with profound thoughts. Instead, I’m an ordinary businessperson with deep insights from my exceptional journey of highs and lows. I hope readers can relate to my experiences therein. My book’s ideas and foresight are not for the intellectual or wise but for ordinary people with aspirations to be successful. They are hesitant to seek their inner strengths that they can accomplish much more, even impossible.

I do not want my readers to judge me on my writing skills or see me as an author based on my vocabulary or choice of words. I want them to resonate with the contents therein with their quest of pursuit and relevance of their learnings. I want them to connect to my learnings and how I adapted them to certain successes. I do not aim to be a celebrated author or bestseller but rather a writer who inspires ordinary people to discover and prove their inner strengths, leading to positive change and impact.

Getting To resilient Mode Book Cover 3d


“Tariq combines his business acumen with his innate sense of empathy as he underscores the value of a People First approach. This is a great book and an invaluable resource for developing leaders for today’s talent-scarce business environment”

Amb. Navdeep Suri

Distinguished Fellow, Observer Research Foundation

“From Wall Street to Sheik Zayed Road, Tariq’s journey and his real-life business experience are neatly crafted between the covers of this book. A graduate of both Harvard and the school of hard knocks, his approach to leadership is a testament to the trials and tribulations he has experienced on his colourful journey. This book is a reflection of Tariq’s self-discipline and infectious enthusiasm, but critically his empathic approach to life…all essential criteria for any leader.”

Colin Caulfield FIWFM FCIArb

Executive Director – Estates & Facilities Management

“I’ve known Tariq for over 12 years; first professionally and now as a friend. Throughout these years, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing how he has led EFS to growth in the right way, as well as all the support and kindness he has shown his employees, being genuinely interested in their well-being and progress. I’ve worked with many business leaders in the Middle East, and I believe he is one of the best. He has delivered his promises and remained ambitious and inspiring in his thought leadership. I’m proud of him for how he has been able to drive his career while facing many challenges to reach this level of success.”

Khuloud Al Omian

CEO – Editor in Chief, Forbes Middle East

“This book is an outstanding set of life lessons that stem from Tariq’s extraordinary life. It is a manifesto of resilience, self-drive, and self-achievement shaped by his business and personal challenges. Tariq simply does not believe things cannot be done and his perseverance and grit are the hallmarks of leadership lessons so valuable today. I encourage professionals of all ages to read this.”

Mohammad A. Abunayyan

Chairman, Vision Invest

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